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Being Married to a Professional Athlete is Complicated...

Marriage in professional sports has all of the elements that every couple has to face, plus the unique challenge found in the extraordinary environment of the professional athlete. The personality traits and talent of elite athletes and those attracted to them can create a distinctive dynamic. Sometimes, the traits that contribute to athletes exceptional talent can create unique trials for a relationship. There are also challenges to the lifestyle and public nature of the professional athlete and their families including travel, scheduling, privacy, increased income, drive to compete, fear of failure, extended family and friends. 

Dr. Bishop served the Texas Rangers Baseball Club for six seasons as the Athlete Assistance Program Consultant . He is presently a Mental Health Consultant for the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Team of the NBA. He continues to serve the families and marriages of professional sports including athletes, management, and staff and is available for telephone and video conference consultations. Call 903-517-4166.

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